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SAME Design Awards Program

Thank you for your interest in submitting a project for the SAME Design Awards Program.


  • To align with the SAME mission statement:
    1. To get more firms, agencies and people involved in SAME,
    2. To increase awareness of SAME firms and agencies in the AEC industry,
    3. To improve the image of the military built environment.
  • To improve the quality of the military built environment through recognition of designs that:
    1. Improve operational efficiency, enhance mission accomplishment, and positively impact the federal agency,
    2. Effectively and efficiently meet mission and user requirements,
    3. Produce life cycle cost effective facilities,
    4. Encourage sustainable and energy efficient designs and
    5. Enhance the built environment within and around the facilities.

Awards Categories:

  • Six categories:
    1. Administrative / Command & Control
    2. Research / Education / Healthcare
    3. Industrial / Operations
    4. Quality of Life
    5. Renovation / Addition / Adaptation
    6. Planning
  • Awards will be given for projects that exhibit the highest level of quality achievement as described by the purpose statement and determined by the jury. Total project awards for six categories shall not exceed six (6). The jury will have the option of awarding none, one or multiple awards in each category.

Eligibility and Criteria:

  • For categories 1 to 5, Any facility, infrastructure, fully designed, and constructed in the last five (5) years for an SAME partner agency (DoD, VA, DHS, Public Health Service). 
  • For category 6, Any planning project is fully completed in the last five (5) years for an SAME partner agency (DoD, VA, DHS, Public Health Service). 
  • Who can submit? Any entity involved in the project to include, but not limited to, A/E firms, general contractors, partner agencies.

Submittal Requirements:

The submittal package has two parts: 

  • Part 1 - Identification of the Project and Team participants.
  • Part 2 - Technical submission highlighting the merits of the project.


Please ask any questions or provide any feedback to the Architectural Practice Community of Interest

Rob Biedermann; rbiedermann@same.org

JJ Tang, FAIA, FSAME; junjian.tang@hdrinc.com

Jose Matute, AIA, jmatute@gurrimatute.com

Submit your project to the SAME Design Awards Program